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Quick-Witted Quarry

Red Fox has been hunting the rabbits in this warren for so long that they are now wise to his schemes and hunting strategies. These quick-witted rabbits are now much more difficult to capture as they feint and parry their way to safety. Red Fox must be extra vigilant in his efforts to bring dinner back to his family.


Catch all three rabbits before Mountain Lion completes one cycle around the Forest Floor.


Take out your DEVOUR: Forest Floor rulebook and open it to page #3. You will use the basic Forest Floor set-up for this scenario. Now open your DEVOUR game box and look on the inside of the box top. Ever wonder what those two circles are doing on the map? Well, now you will find out! Go grab that box top lid because you will need it for this scenario.

When you are successful after rolling for the Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit’s ‘Rabbit Encounter’ ability rabbit encounter symbol and before placing it in front of you, do the following:

  • Take the evasion die and hold it at least 6 inches above the box.
  • Roll it inside the box lid. The die result (symbol showing) is not important for this stage. If the die lands completely inside the large circle you are successful and may place that Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit in front of you. If the die does not land completely inside the circle, then the rabbit evades, following normal ‘Rabbit Encounter’ rules.

Devour Successes

Expert Level:

If you have honed your hunting skills to expert levels and you really want to challenge yourself, use the small circle instead:

Devour expert level

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DEVOUR was fully funded on KICKSTARTER in November 2022. Since then we have added new animals and are progressing on manufacturing. See the details on our Kickstarter page:

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