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Mountain Madness

Remove all cards with NON-WINTER symbol non-winter symbol on them. These animals are not active in the winter and will not be for the rest of the storyline scenarios.

Food is harder and harder to find. The last meal, a meager rabbit, was nowhere near enough to feed the whole family. Red Fox must travel further from his territory to the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains to find food. As Red Fox approaches, he smells Coyote’s musk: this must be Coyote’s territory. With this danger, along with the ever-present danger of Mountain Lion, Red Fox must find his dinner quickly. Red Fox must traverse the toughest terrain yet to find a meal for his famished family, and time is of the essence!


Catch two rabbits before Mountain Lion makes one complete cycle around the mountain. You still lose if Mountain Lion catches you.


This mountainous terrain poses many challenges for our protagonist, Red Fox. There are lots of places to get cornered and some snow in the upper elevations to trudge through. The mountain is divided into three elevation zones (see Elevation diagram below). Red Fox must stop immediately when moving onto a card of a higher elevation (higher number) but may move as normal on the same elevation or moving down elevations. Four cards begin snow-covered. Place the 4 snow symbol snow cards on top of the cards pictured in the diagram.

snow symbol Snow symbol:

When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately. Then, remove this card from the Forest Floor. Snow has Do not swap symboldo not swap. However, the card underneath a Snow card may still be swapped as normal.


Forest Floor Winter Deck; remove all NON-WINTER symbol (non-winter) cards, both Vegetation cards, Yellow Bullhead Catfish, and Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit #0.

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion


DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee


Required Start Cards (cards that begin on your Forest Floor):

  • Coyote

  • #2 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

  • 4  cards to be placed atop cards according to the diagram below


Forest Floor setup:

NOTE: Place snow symbol snow cards in the exact positions as in diagram.

NOTE: In the rare occurrence that no more cards remain in the deck to replace a card on the Forest Floor, then simply leave a gap in the Forest Floor and follow the gap rules from scenario 11 Breeding Out of Control.

DEVOUR Scenario 25 set up
Devour Scenario 25 Elevation Diagram

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