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Raiding the Ravine

Remove all cards with NON-WINTER symbol non-winter symbol on them. These animals are not active in the winter and will not be for the rest of the storyline scenarios.

Food is becoming scarce. Red Fox’s caches are all empty and eaten. Red Fox has searched his entire territory but has no luck finding food for his family. With hunger at the edges of his belly, Red Fox travels towards a nearby ravine, hoping to find some food. But new dangers live in the rocky terrain. The Bobcat is also hunting for food. The Red Fox must find where the Bobcat is hunting in order to avoid him stealing Red Fox’s food, and avoid the hungry Mountain Lion eager for his next meal.


First reveal Bobcat, then catch the lone rabbit on the opposite side of the Ravine before Mountain Lion completes 2 cycles around the western (left) side of the Ravine. You still lose if Mountain Lion catches you.


Shuffle Crow card into western (left) side of the Ravine. Shuffle #2 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and Bobcat into the eastern (right) side of the Ravine. Red Fox may only catch the rabbit once Bobcat has been revealed. Once revealed, the Bobcat remains faceup so you can keep tabs on him to not steal your prey. Bobcat’s ability remains active the entire game. You may only attempt to capture the rabbit when Bobcat is on the other side of the Ravine (western/left). Mountain Lion only patrols the western (left) side of the Ravine; Red Fox is safe from Mountain Lion while on the eastern (right) side of the Ravine.

To make matters worse, it has recently snowed on the Ravine. Four cards begin snow-covered. Place the 4 snow symbol cards on top of the cards pictured in the diagram.

Snow symbol: When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately. Then, remove this card from the Forest Floor. Snow has Do not swap symboldo not swap. However, the card underneath a Snow card may still be swapped as normal.


Forest Floor Winter Deck. Remove all NON-WINTER symbol (non-winter) cards.

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion

Fox Den

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee
Fox Den token


Both Fruit & Seeds and 4 snow symbol winter cards to be placed atop cards according to the diagram below.

Forest Floor setup:

NOTE: Place snow symbol winter cards in the exact positions as in diagram below.

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