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Farther to Find Food: Dense Forest

After a long search, Red Fox caught the trail of a rabbit. Following his nose, Red Fox travels beyond his well-marked territory. It isn’t until Red Fox is far away that he catches the scents of more rabbits. The rabbits must have fled Red Fox’s territory. As hunger pushes Red Fox forward, he hunts in this new territory of dense forest full of rabbit scents—and the unmistakable markings that announce to animals far and wide that this is Mountain Lion territory!

Objective 1

Clear all Dense Forest cards.

Objective 2

Capture all three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits.


You’ve now stumbled into the densest area of the forest. Deal a Forest Floor of 20 cards according to the diagram below. Then deal another 20 on top of them. These cards will be known as Dense Forest cards. Your goal is to first search the dense forest by discarding all Dense Forest cards. Once this objective is complete, you must capture all 3 rabbits. To discard a Dense Forest card, simply end your movement atop the card, then take the card and place it in a discard pile near your draw deck; you do not activate its ability nor flip it over to reveal it. You must clear all 20 Dense Forest cards before beginning your hunt for the 3 rabbits. Once a card has been cleared, the next time you land in that spot, you will flip over the card that was previously covered, reveal it, and activate its ability, unless it is a Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. If you flip over a rabbit before you have cleared all of the Dense Forest cards, simply turn it back over until you have cleared all of the Dense Forest cards, and then go back and try to catch it.

You will also have to contend with Mountain Lion, since this is HIS territory. For this game, Mountain Lion will move on top of the cards, just like Red Fox, and follow all movement instructions according to the diagram below. Mountain Lion also has Block Symbol block (as indicated on the standee).


Forest Floor deck – remove:

  • Hurricane
  • Black Vulture
Remove hurricane & black vulture


Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion (use the side withBlock symbol block symbol)

Evasion die

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee
Evasion die


Required Start Cards (cards that begin on your Forest Floor):

To be included with the cards that will be dealt as the first 20 cards on the bottom of the Forest Floor:

  • all 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

  • Black Bear

DEVOUR Scenario 8 forest floor required cards


16 random cards + 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits + 1 Black Bear

DEVOUR 8.1: Forest Floor Scenario Set up

Mountain Lion

Movement Instructions + Chart

For this scenario, Mountain Lion movement is much different than normal.

Each turn, after you move Red Fox, roll the Evasion die and move Mountain Lion according to the chart below. Keeping in mind:

  • If you are unable to move the Mountain Lion according to its first option, then use the second option.
  • Mountain Lion ignores all card abilities and can move atop any card on the Forest Floor.
  • If Mountain Lion is unable to move its full distance on option #1, then move him according to option #2. If it cannot move according to option #2, then move it as far as it can possibly go according to option #1.
  • In rare cases when Mountain Lion cannot move, it chooses not to. Leave it where it is.
  • Mountain Lion has the Block Symbol block ability.
  • Ignore these abilities: Carrion’s What's that smell symbol(what’s that smell symbol), Coyote’s Rivals symbol (rivals symbol) and White-Tailed Deer’s Safely Distracted Symbol (safely distracted symbol).

You win if you capture all 3 rabbits.

You do not lose if you are in the same row or column as Mountain Lion.

However, you DO lose if Mountain Lion lands on the same card as you (either during his movement or at the end of his movement) or if you are cornered and cannot move on your next turn.

Mountain Lion Movement Chart


Farther to Find Food: Preceptive Predator

Objective + Challenge

Same as 8a Dense Forest, the only difference is that you do not get to choose option #1 or option #2 for Mountain Lion’s movement. Mountain Lion moves in whichever of the two directions is most strategically advantageous for IT to catch YOU! So, Mountain Lion will always choose the option that moves closest to you. In the case of a tie, you decide which way the Mountain Lion moves.


16 random cards + 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits + 1 Black Bear
+ 20 cards dealt on top of the Forest Floor (aka. Dense Forest cards)

DEVOUR 8.2: Forest Floor Scenario Set up

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