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Rushing River

All that water from the hurricane has to drain somewhere. Whatever water isn’t absorbed by the plants and ground flows into the nearby river. The river rages with this influx, creating several new tributaries and making it difficult to cross. Pausing only a moment to take a sip from the river’s edge, Red Fox continues his hunt for food. It’s a good thing Red Fox moved his den to a good spot; otherwise, he’d be looking for a new home again. Red Fox must find food near the raging river.


Navigate the rushing river to capture all 3 rabbits on the riverbanks before Mountain Lion completes one cycle around the Forest Floor. You still lose if Mountain Lion catches you.


Mountain Lion immediately moves one additional space each time a rabbit is caught. Mountain Lion must still stop if it moves into a row or column occupied by Coyote and will move one space instead of losing a turn due to Coyote’s Rivals symbol rival ability after a rabbit is caught. If Mountain Lion passes through a row Red Fox occupies, Red Fox loses.

For this scenario only:
Rabbit encounter symbols 

You may roll evasion die the indicated number of times to try to capture a rabbit, except for Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit #0. (Normally, you must roll for the Rabbit Encounter ability).

Set up the Forest Floor as pictured in the diagram below, with rows 2 and 4 as the rushing river rows. Place all Water symbol river cards with a right-facing arrow in ROW 2 and all Water symbol river cards with the left-facing arrow in ROW 4. Whenever Red Fox enters any river card in ROW 2, immediately end movement and place him on the Water symbol river card farthest to the right (because he has been carried downriver) and whenever Red Fox enters any river card in ROW 4, immediately end movement and place him on the river card farthest to the left.

Water symbol Water symbol: When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately. And has Do not swap symbol do not swap.

For this scenario, in some rare cases, it may be possible for Red Fox to end his movement on the card he started upon due to the rushing river (which is normally against the rules – but, the rushing river cares not about such rules!)

Mountain Lion is not very good at hunting while swimming. So, during this game Red Fox is safe from Mountain Lion when Mountain Lion is in rows 2 and 4.


Forest Floor deck, remove:

  • Black Bear
  • Hurricane
  • both Scats
DEVOUR 15- forest floor scenario - remove these cards from deck

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee


Required cards that begin on your Forest Floor:

  • All three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

  • Beaver

  • both Bullfrogs

  • both Mosquitos

  • Red Fox

  • Yellow Bullhead Catfish

  • all 10 Water symbol Water cards.

DEVOUR Scenario 15 required cards

Forest Floor setup:

ROW 2 = All Water symbol water cards have arrows pointing to the right.

ROW 4 = All Water symbol water cards have arrows pointing to the left.

DEVOUR 15.1: Forest Floor Scenario Set up


Expert Leaper

Objective & Challenge:

Same as 15.1, except Mountain Lion leaps over the river and does not move onto rows 2 and 4 as pictured in the diagram below:


ROW 2 = All Water symbol water cards have arrows pointing to the right.

ROW 4 = All Water symbol water cards have arrows pointing to the left.

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