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Holey Unexpected

Slowly, the water drains from the forest. Slowly, life begins to return to normal following the destruction. Slowly—holes start appearing? Red Fox curiously approaches these holes. They aren’t rabbit warrens. Red Fox knows that rabbits hide their warrens with grasses and weeds. It appears the hurricane wreaked havoc on the burrowing animals of the forest as they desperately try to rebuild their homes. Red Fox must carefully avoid these holes while finding his next meal.


Catch three rabbits before Mountain Lion completes one cycle around the Forest Floor. You still lose if the Mountain Lion catches you.


The recent hurricane has really messed up the Forest Floor. The burrowing animals are in a tizzy and there are holes and puddles the size of ponds everywhere! Navigate around and through the holes and puddles to go about your normal hunting activity.

Water symbolWater symbol:

When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately. And has. Do not swap symbol do not swap.

holes symbolHoles symbol:

When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately and may use the TUNNELS Tunnels symbol ability. And has. Do not swap symbol do not swap.


Forest Floor deck – remove:

  • Hurricane

To create the Forest Floor:

Shuffle the Forest Floor deck and deal 19 cards into a stack.

Add the 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits, all 5 holes symbol holes, and 5 Water symbol water to the stack.

Shuffle this new stack and deal all 32 cards in an 8-row x 4-column grid.

DEVOUR Scenario 14: Remove Hurricane Card

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee


All three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

5 holes symbol holes cards  |  5 Water symbol water cards

DEVOUR Scenario 14 required cards

Forest Floor setup:


The Mountain Lion begins the game one card to the right, as pictured.

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DEVOUR is the nature game with more bite! Battle, explore, & strategize on the Forest Floor.

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DEVOUR was fully funded on KICKSTARTER in November 2022. Since then we have added new animals and are progressing on manufacturing. See the details on our Kickstarter page:

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