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Nocturnal Salamander Shenanigans, Night #3

The kits are still hungry. Hm, perhaps a new strategy is needed. Red Fox has been known to do what is called surplus killing: the act of killing more animals than is needed to survive. If luck is on Red Fox’s side, he can hunt multiple amphibians at once, then cache, or store, the rest for later. With a satiated family, Red Fox will be able to enjoy some quiet in his den for once!


Catch any three amphibians (Spotted Salamanders and Bullfrogs) before the sun rises (Sun/Moon token completes one cycle around the Forest Floor).


Place the Fox Den token on your start card (in the bottom right-hand corner of the Forest Floor). Now you must catch three amphibians and return to your Fox Den before the sun rises.

Instead of their normal Leap ability (Leap Ability), Bullfrogs now have amphibian symbol this game.

NIGHTTIME: Since it is nighttime and hence it is dark, you cannot leave any card faceup this game; ignore all keep face up symbol on all cards. Also, ignore all card abilities except for Nighttime symbol, mortal danger symbol , Yikes symbol, and amphibian symbol.

Also, like Fowler’s Toad from Scenario #3, Spotted Salamander possesses the:

amphibian symbolAmphibian symbol: Same as rabbit encounter symbol but replace all instances of ‘rabbit’ with ‘Fowler’s Toad’ and all speed symbol  symbols with unique symbol symbols. Also, this card does not remain faceup after it evades Red Fox.


Create the same unique deck as Scenario #4.1

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox


Fox Den

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
sun moon token
DEVOUR - Fox den token


Required cards that begin on your Forest Floor:

  • Both Spotted Salamanders

Spotted Salamander CardSpotted Salamander Card

Forest Floor setup:

28 random nocturnal symbol (nocturnal) cards + 2 Spotted Salamanders

DEVOUR 4.3: Forest Floor Scenario Set up

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