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Monthly Scenario 5

Peckish Predators

Great news! The snow has melted. However, the recent snowstorms have left the denizens of the forest floor somewhat frozen in place for the past few weeks. This means all of the other predators of the forest are just as hungry as the Fox family. They are all out on the hunt and are actively hunting Red Fox. This may be Red Fox’s most difficult challenge yet. Find your friends on the forest floor and plan carefully, otherwise you may be dinner for Mountain Lion, Bobcat, or Fisher.


Remove all cards with NON-WINTER SYMBOL non-winter symbol on them. These animals are not active in the winter and will not be active in this scenario.


Find and capture all 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits before you are cornered by Mountain Lion, Bobcat, and/or Fisher.


Grab the 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits, the Mountain Lion, the Bobcat, and the Fisher cards from the DEVOUR: Prey deck. These 6 cards will be added to the Forest Floor face down in random positions each game.

Each rabbit has: ‘When revealed, roll the evasion die. On Speed symbol   or a speed carrion symbol symbol, the rabbit evades, and gets flipped back over. You may attempt to capture it on a subsequent turn. Otherwise, capture this rabbit by placing it in front of you.’

When you reveal a predator (Mountain Lion, Bobcat, or Fisher), place a card from the deck facedown underneath it. The predator is now actively hunting you. Immediately (before ending your turn), place Red Fox standee on an adjacent card. Predators remain face-up and have keep face up symbol(keep face-up). At the end of each of your turns (EXCEPT for the turn the predator was revealed), move each revealed predator one space closer to you either horizontally or vertically (never diagonally). Predators can move atop any card on the Forest Floor but multiple predators may not occupy the same card. Move predators one at a time and in the order that they were originally revealed. If a predator cannot move due to these conditions, then leave the predator in place.

You lose when one of the predators lands on your space (and eats you!) or when you are trapped and cannot make a move on your next turn.


Forest Floor Winter Deck – remove all NON-WINTER SYMBOL (non-winter) cards. Add all 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, and Fisher from the DEVOUR: Prey deck (these cards have no abilities this game besides what is described in the Challenge section above).

From the Forest Floor deck, remove:

  • All 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits
  • Bald Eagle
  • Black Vulture
  • Carrion
  • Scat x 1
  • Vegetation

These cards will not be used for this scenario.


Use these:

Red Fox

DEVOUR - Red fox standee


Required Start Cards (cards that begin on your Forest Floor):

  • Crow

  • Red Fox

  • 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

  • Mountain Lion

  • Bobcat

  • Fisher

DEVOUR Scenario 5 Required Cards


14 random cards from Forest Floor deck + all 3 Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits (Prey deck) + 1 Mountain Lion (Prey deck) + 1 Bobcat (Prey Deck) + 1 Fisher (Prey Deck).

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