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Blizzards & Snowdrifts

Today is the day of the Winter Solstice. The sun is barely visible past the thick clouds blanketing the sky. Snow, small and whipping, quickly covers the forest in white. But unlike the last snow fall, the winds cut through the land with enough force to knock down trees. Nothing can be seen except snow. A blizzard is laying waste to the land. A snowdrift has blocked the den. Red Fox must scavenge for fruits and seeds, whatever food he can find now. Winter is unforgiving. It will be a challenge.


Remove all cards with Non-winter symbol on them. These animals are not active in the winter and will not be active for the rest of the storyline scenarios.


Find both Fruits & Seeds and bring back to the Fox Den before the Sun makes one brief cycle around the Forest Floor.


This scenario is certain to keep you busy throughout December!

Place one of the 4 Snow cards (from the Auxiliary deck) on the outside of the Forest Floor as per the diagram below. When moving the Sun/Moon token at the end of your turn, you must also move this Snow card one space clockwise. You cannot flip over (reveal) any card in the row or column that this Snow card is aligned with, but you may still occupy the card.

When you reveal a Fruits & Seeds card, place it in front of you and replace it with one facedown card from the deck. Once you have both Fruits & Seeds cards in front of you, you must land on your Fox Den before the Sun completes its cycle.

snow symbolSnow symbol:

When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately. Then, remove this card from the Forest Floor. Snow has DO NOT SWAP symbol(do not swap). However, the card underneath a Snow card may still be swapped as normal.


This game, ignore any abilities that affect Mountain Lion.


Red Fox is much too weak from hunger to try and catch any rabbits. Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits have LEAP 1 ABILITY  instead of  Rabbit encounter symbols this game.


For this game only, Raccoon’s Raccoon steal symbolsteal ability states: Swap one of your captured Fruits & Seeds with this card. This Fruits & Seeds card remains faceup on the Forest Floor. Discard Raccoon. If you have not captured any Fruits & Seeds this game, then this card has no effect. Red Fox may attempt to capture this Fruits & Seeds again on another turn.


Forest Floor Winter Deck:

  • Remove all Non-winter symbol (non-winter) cards.
  • Add both Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits and Striped Skunk from the Forest Floor Auxiliary Deck.
Monthly Scenario 3 deck


Use these:

Red Fox

Sun Moon token

Fox Den token

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
Sun Moon Token
Fox Den token


Required Start Cards (cards that begin on your Forest Floor):

  • Both Fruits & Seeds
  • Black Bear (placed in exact position as in diagram below)
  • Crow
  • Raccoon
  • Red Fox
  • White-Footed Mouse
  • All 4 Snow cards
Scenario 3 Start Cards


14 random cards + 2 Fruits & Seeds + Black Bear (placed in exact position as in diagram below) + 1 Crow + 1 Raccoon + 1 Red Fox + 1 White-Footed Mouse and 4 Snow cards placed as pictured on the Forest Floor diagram below.

Monthly Scenario 3 set up

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