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The kits have grown large and healthy over the past three seasons. It will not be long before they are ready to leave the den. As Red Fox tries to find another meal before the ice sets in, the kits sneak out after him in the early dawn. As they boldly take their first steps towards hunting on their own, Vixen wakes to find her kits gone! Fearing for the kits’ safety, Vixen heads out of the den to try and find them. Help Vixen find her kits.


Retrieve all four Kit tokens before Mountain Lion reaches your den. You still lose if Mountain Lion catches you.


The Kits are lost in the eastern end of the forest. When Vixen lands on a card with a Kit token immediately stop movement. Place it on top of your Vixen token and carry it back to your den. While with Vixen, Kits do not perform their normal movement; they move with Vixen instead. Vixen may also retrieve a Kit if the Kit token lands on the card she occupies. Vixen can only carry one Kit at a time and may not exchange one Kit for another. Once at your den, you may drop it off and then go and retrieve your next Kit. Kits cannot swim (and therefore never enter water cards) and Vixen cannot swim with a Kit on her back. If you are carrying a Kit and need to enter a Water symbol water card, simply drop the Kit off on the last card you occupied before landing in water. On your next turn you may retrieve it, if it hasn’t moved away already! Kits move exactly like Rats from scenario 16 Rat Patrol; however, unlike Rats, they MAY occupy the same card together.

Remember, Open Fields remains active, so Vixen may move up to 3 spaces at the start of the game!

Water symbol  Water symbol:

When Vixen lands on a card with this symbol, Vixen ends movement immediately. And has Do not swap symbol do not swap.

Vegetation cards have Do not swap symbol do not swap. symbol for this scenario.

The kits are still much too small to satisfy Mountain Lion’s hunger and therefore cannot be killed by him (by being in the same row or column).

Vixen can carry only one Kit at a time. She may not exchange Kits if she lands on another while she’s carrying a Kit.


Forest Floor deck – remove:

  • Black Bear

  • Beaver

  • both Scats

  • Hurricane

  • all three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits


Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Vixen | Mountain Lion | Fox Den | All 4 Kit tokens

Vixen token
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee
Fox Den token


Required Start Cards (cards that begin on your Forest Floor):

  • 7 Water symbol water cards

  • Both Vegetation cards (placed faceup as per diagram for set-up)

Forest Floor setup:

Vixen starts in the bottom left-hand corner of the Forest Floor.

Place Water symbol water cards in the exact positions as in diagram.

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