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Forest Full of Flames

It has not rained for some time in the forest. The Forest Floor has become dry from the lack of any moisture. Dead leaves crinkle underfoot. The dry spell finally breaks with a thunderstorm, rolling through dark and intense. A stray lightning bolt strikes a tree and whoosh! The tree bursts into flames. The fire quickly spreads. The rain is not enough to stop the forest fire from spreading, growing, consuming. Red Fox must catch his prey while also avoiding the fire. But beware: the Mountain Lion, seemingly unafraid of fire, has not had a meal in days and is closely following Red Fox’s scent.


Catch all three rabbits before Mountain Lion completes one cycle around the Forest Floor. You still lose if Mountain Lion catches you.


The 2-card gap in the Forest Floor at the start of the game represents the forest fire that is beginning to grow, rapidly! Each turn, before moving Mountain Lion, place (not swap) the indicated card from Forest Fire Chart outside the Forest Floor as pictured in the diagram. Navigate the hazardous terrain to fetch food for the family. Red Fox cannot travel over or through gaps in the Forest Floor.

Peerless peepers:

Mountain Lion can see you through the smoke and fire. Mountain Lion can now capture you through gaps in the Forest Floor, so be careful as you traverse the burning forest.


Forest Floor deck – remove:

  • Hurricane
Remove hurricane card

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee


Required cards that begin on your Forest Floor:

All three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

Forest Floor setup:

spreading forest fire

After each of your first 10 turns, and before moving Mountain Lion, follow the chart below and place the indicated card outside, yet connected to, the Forest Floor. This represents animals fleeing the spreading forest fire and is considered a placement, not a swap. Mountain Lion will continue to move one space outside of the Forest Floor each turn and will alter his path as the landscape changes.

forest fire chart

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DEVOUR is the nature game with more bite! Battle, explore, & strategize on the Forest Floor.

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DEVOUR was fully funded on KICKSTARTER in November 2022. Since then we have added new animals and are progressing on manufacturing. See the details on our Kickstarter page:

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