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Conniving Corvid Caper

The Crow is not pleased that another animal has stolen her food. With several loud caws, Crow swoops down, harrying Red Fox. As Red Fox tries to flee, Crow follows, loudly squawking the entire time. It will be hard for Red Fox to hunt when such a noisy creature is broadcasting their location to both predator and prey! Red Fox has to carefully tread the hostile Forest Floor as he tries to find food while Crow seeks her revenge.


Catch three rabbits before the Sun/Moon token and Crow card complete one cycle around the Forest Floor.


Before Red Fox moves each turn, Crow will swap cards on the Forest Floor according to the Crow Swap chart below. If Crow attempts to swap a card with the Do not swap symbol do not swap ability, do nothing and leave those two cards in place. Crow can swap cards if they are underneath the card the Red Fox token sits upon.

Squawking Distraction:

Crow begins the game on the outside of the Forest Floor, in the exact position indicated in the diagram. Each turn, after moving the Sun/Moon token clockwise one space, also move Crow one space clockwise. You cannot flip over any card or activate any Rabbit encounter symbols rabbit encounter ability in the row or column that the Crow card is aligned with, but you may still occupy the card. In some cases, Crow may be aligned with a row AND a column.


Forest Floor Deck

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Sun/Moon Token

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
Sun Moon Token


Required cards that begin on your Forest Floor:

All three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits and Crow.

Place Crow card above the Forest Floor (as pictured). Crow will oversee and meddle in all events transpiring on the Forest Floor.

Red Fox cannot occupy the Crow card.

Required Cards for 18.1

Forest Floor setup:

crow swap chart

When the Sun/Moon token is in each of the positions below, swap the indicated (gray) cards. If either of the indicated cards has the Do not swap symbol do not swap ability, then do not swap the cards. Sometimes you will need to swap two sets of cards each turn.


Conniving Corvid Caper: Combined Competence

Objective & Challenge:

Same as 18.1; however, replace Sun/Moon token with Mountain Lion standee.

Catch all three rabbits before Mountain Lion and Crow complete one cycle around the Forest Floor. Also, add the following as Required Start Cards: Cave Cricket and 2 Bullfrogs.

Use same chart as above with Mountain Lion token replacing Sun/Moon.


Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox

Mountain Lion

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee

Forest Floor Setup

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