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Fox & Crow, a Fable

As the days begin to chill, the last of the fruit begins to ripen. Red Fox scavenges the Forest Floor for these last morsels. His ears twitch as he hears the gleeful caw of Crow. Red Fox sees Crow helping herself to a patch of red mulberries high in a tree. Before Red Fox can approach further, Crow takes to the skies. Many of the mulberries that have fallen are already eaten. But perhaps Red Fox can follow Crow and swipe a few of the ripe ones she has…


Find the fruit that Crow dropped by first discarding all LEAVES SYMBOL leaves cards from the Forest Floor and then revealing both Fruit & Seeds cards before the sun sets (before sun/moon token completes once cycle around the Forest Floor).


Discard all LEAVES SYMBOL leaves cards and capture two Fruit & Seeds cards all while Crow is making life difficult for you by swapping cards on the Forest Floor (according to the chart below). To discard a LEAVES SYMBOL leaves card, simply end your movement atop the card, then place it outside the game. Do not flip over the card underneath the  card. You must land on it on a future turn to reveal it. You must clear all four LEAVES SYMBOL leaves cards before beginning your search for the two Fruit & Seeds cards. When you reveal a Fruit & Seeds card, simply put it off to the side (as you would a caught rabbit) and replace it with one card from the deck facedown. You win once you have collected both Fruit & Seeds cards. But, watch out, each turn Crow is swapping cards on the Forest Floor to make her Fruit & Seeds difficult to find! Crow CAN swap cards underneath LEAVES SYMBOL leaves cards; however, LEAVES SYMBOL leaves cards remain in their same position on the Forest Floor.

This game, Fruit & Seeds cards have: lose next turn symbol(Lose your next turn). Crow MAY swap a Fruit & Seeds card right out from under you during the turn you lose, so watch out and plan accordingly.


Forest Floor deck – remove:

  • Beaver

  • Black Bear

  • Hurricane

  • both Scats

  • all three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbits


Standees & Tokens:

Use these:

Red Fox Standee

Sun/Moon Token

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
Sun Moon Token


Both Fruit & Seeds cards, all 4 LEAVES SYMBOL leaves cards, 3 Water symbol water cards, and Crow card. Place Crow card above the Forest Floor, as pictured. Crow will oversee and meddle in all events transpiring on the Forest Floor.

DEVOUR Scernario 17 Required cArds

Forest Floor setup:

Devour Scenario 17 Forest Floor Set up

Crow Swap Chart

Crow Swap Chart


LEAVES SYMBOL Leaves symbol:

When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately, then remove this card from the Forest Floor. And has Do not swap symbol do not swap.

Water symbol Water symbol:

When Red Fox lands on a card with this symbol, Red Fox ends movement immediately. And has Do not swap symbol do not swap.

Cards that affect Mountain Lion do not affect Sun/Moon token.

Raccoon’s Racoon's Steal Symbol steal ability is in effect. For this game only, replace all instances of ‘Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit’ with ‘Fruit & Seeds’ in Raccoon’s Racoon's Steal Symbol steal ability description.

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DEVOUR is the nature game with more bite! Battle, explore, & strategize on the Forest Floor.

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DEVOUR was fully funded on KICKSTARTER in November 2022. Since then we have added new animals and are progressing on manufacturing. See the details on our Kickstarter page:

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