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Rat Patrol

The heat of the summer begins to fade. Nights start to have a chill to them. Golden leaves slowly begin to litter the Forest Floor. It was a hard summer: while Red Fox and his family were able to survive, not every animal was so lucky. Those animals who died are part of the cycle of nature. They provide nutrients to the plants and feed the living animals. As the carrion eaters, like rats, descend on these corpses, Red Fox scrambles for his own food. There is much preparation that needs to begin if Red Fox and his family are to survive the winter.


Avoid the rats and catch all 3 rabbits. You lose if:

1) you get trapped and cannot move

2) Mountain Lion catches you, or

3) Mountain Lion completes one cycle around the Forest Floor.


The rats are on carrion patrol and are having a grand feast in your territory. Begin the game with the Carrion card placed faceup on the Forest Floor. At the end of your turn, after moving the Mountain Lion one space as normal, move each Rat token one card in the direction indicated on their token. Rats have the Block symbolblock ability.

Rat Movement:

Rats only move on top of cards on the Forest Floor and must move if able to do so. On each turn, after moving the Mountain Lion token, move the rats in successive order, from Rat #1 through Rat #4. Rat #s are indicated by the number of rats pictured on the token:

DEVOUR Rat tokens

From first on left to last on right: Rat #1, Rat #2, Rat #3, Rat #4.

Like the Black Bear, rats ignore all abilities of cards on the Forest Floor and they temporarily cancel the abilities of cards they occupy. Rats can never occupy the same space as any other token, even other rats. Once a Rat reaches the end of their respective row or column, their next movement will be to be placed at the opposite end of their row or column. If a rat is unable to move because another token or standee is in its way, do not move the rat this turn.

If Red Fox loses a turn, move the Rats twice, but move them once at a time in successive order.


Forest Floor deck

Standees & Tokens:

Use these:  Red Fox, Mountain Lion, Rat Tokens

DEVOUR - Red fox standee
DEVOUR - Mountain lion standee
DEVOUR Rat tokens


Required cards that begin on your Forest Floor:

  • Carrion

  • both Scats

  • Dung Beetle (from Outfoxed Auxiliary deck)

  • all three Baby Eastern Cottontail Rabbit cards

The Carrion card starts the game faceup in the exact position pictured in the diagram.

DEVOUR Scenario 16 required cards

Forest Floor setup:

The Carrion card starts the game faceup in the exact position pictured in the diagram.

Place all Rat tokens in the exact positions pictured below.

DEVOUR 16: Forest Floor Scenario Set up

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