A Competitive Family Card Game​

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Predator or prey?

Play DEVOUR, a dynamic and didactic animal card game where the law of the land is eat or be eaten.

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3 Raccoons black and white

1-3 Players

Play this animal card game alone, with friends, with schoolmates, or with the family!

20 Minutes

Easy to learn! Fast set-up and quick turns combine for a fun family gaming experience.

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Ages 6+

Varying difficulty levels. A guaranteed challenge for new gamers and experienced gamers alike.

3 Games-in-1

PREY (2-3P) | Battle mode
FOREST FLOOR (1+P) | Solo mode
OUTFOXED (2P) | Abstract Strategy mode


Take on the role of one of seven forest-dwelling creatures and feed upon as many of your opponents’ cards as you can. Bout after bout, compete for your very survival. Establish the largest Feed Pile, propel yourself to the top of the food chain, and become a true apex predator!

Discover over 60 beautifully illustrated cards. Whether you prey or become prey, you better prey you survive!

White tailed deer and bobcat DEVOUR cards

DEVOUR: Forest Floor

Explore the Forest Floor to find dinner for your family. But, beware! The denizens of the Forest Floor will do everything in their power to make life as difficult for you as possible. Will you get stung by Yellow Jacket? Will you catch dinner, only to have it escape your clutches? Will Black Bear stop you in your tracks?

Just make sure you capture your meal before Mountain Lion has YOU for dinner.

Uncover animals with unique abilities, use guile to navigate the Forest Floor and complete over 25 unique storyline scenarios.

DEVOUR: Outfoxed

Based on the classic fable, Crow is angry and blames Red Fox. Play as Crow and hatch schemes to thwart Red Fox’s plans or play as Red Fox and slyly avoid Crow’s conniving capers.

As Crow, fly around (while avoiding Bald Eagle!) and use your influence with your critter companions by rearranging the Forest Floor. As Red Fox, avoid Black Bear and try not to let Crow foil your plans of returning to your den victorious after a successful hunt.

Utilize tokens, standees, and special card abilities to outwit and outlast your opponent.


Featuring over 50 unique animal illustrations

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